Adult Bible Study takes place on Sunday mornings (10 am) and Wednesday evenings (7 pm) for the purpose of studying God's Word in a practical and systematic format.



From Paradise to the Promised Land

Pastor Click leads this weekly study taking students on a pilgrimage from Genesis through Deuteronomy. The first five books of the bible, known to Jews as the Torah, lay the foundation for the rest of Scripture. It is an exciting adventure that begins with the first man and concludes with the nation of Israel entering the promised land. You will learn how the Old Testament feasts and sacrifices are relevant to a New Testament church.Take home bible studies are proided each week to help the student dig deeper into God's Word throughout the week. Please join us on Wednesday nights for a time of prayer, fellowship and study of God's Word.


Our adult elective curriculum will provide you with many choices throughout 2014. Although each class will not be offered each quarter most classes will be repeated throughout the year.  Each class meets on Sundays mornings at 10:00 am.

God's Dealing Through the Ages

Instructor: Dan Morell

Status: Meeting in Fellowship Hall

Perhaps you have heard terms such as the Church Age or the Age of Grace. Maybe you have heard a preacher explain that we are no longer under the law. What was he talking about? He was referencing the biblical principle of dispensational theology.  While God is the same throughout the ages and Jesus is the only source of salvation from Genesis to Revelation, we do discover different administrations of God’s plan for mankind over time. Just as parents deal differently with their child at the age of six than they do when he is sixteen, so God has dealt with mankind differently as we have progressed through the ages. These different ages are known as dispensations. This course will open the eyes of the student to God’s divine plan as it has been revealed to us throughout the ages. Upon completing this class the student will have a broader and more balanced understanding of the Scriptures. Click here to learn more.


Maximizing Your Outreach

Instructor: John Gahring

Status: Meeting upstairs in room 201

Have you ever been at a loss for words? Was there ever a time when you wanted to witness but you lacked the confidence? Maybe you find it easy in one circumstance but awkward in another. During this class you will not only learn the essentials of winning a soul to Christ but will also explore the various scenarios in which all believers can find opportunities to reach out. There ought to be a difference in your approach when you speak to children versus adults or even the elderly. What are some realistic expectations for witnessing on the job without stealing your employers time? Why does it seem more difficult to reach out to family and others close to us? And what can we do about it? These and many other questions will be answered as you explore how you can maximize your outreach. Click here to learn more.


The Search for Significance

Instructor: Rick Ash

Status: Meeting in church auditorium

What makes you, you? Have you ever asked “Who am I and why am I here?” Consciously or not, most of us have. Purpose is a vital part of existence. Low self-esteem is the frequent result of a lack of purpose or an unfulfilled purpose in one’s life. The world is constantly redefining and confusing man’s purpose. The result is an ever increasing amount of dissatisfaction and despair. This class will guide students through a biblical journey of discovery revealing God’s divine purpose in your life. The successful completion of this class will result in the student understanding God’s purpose in his or her life. When we know and seek to fulfill His will we will know what it is to be complete in Him. Click here to learn more.


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Instructor: Shirley Methner

Status: TBD

Every seasoned believer knows that Jesus is our Rock. He is indeed the Rock of Ages. He is the Solid Rock. Jesus is our firm foundation. Yet believers often find themselves in difficult or hard situations. Sometimes we are tempted to doubt God’s plan and do things our own way. In this class designed especially for ladies, students will explore great people of faith who found themselves between a rock and a hard place. How did they handle it? What did they do? Were they ultimately successful? In each circumstance the class will uncover biblical principles that can give them guidance and assurance when they find themselves between a rock and a hard place.


Young Love

Instructors: Nate Click / Pastor Gary Click

Status: Fall 2014

This class will only be offered once during the year due to Pastor Nate’s responsibility with the teens. A newly wed himself, as of March 22, Nate will join Pastor Click (who is celebrating 25 years of marriage) and the class in exploring God’s Word for the essential principles of love that ought to be prevalent in the home of a young couple. What are some of the common issues young married people face? What happens when you don’t agree? How do you handle the new stresses of being accountable to a spouse? Couples in this class will learn some principles that can help them lay a firm foundation that will support their marriage for many years to come.


The Choice is Yours

Instructor: Nanette Click

Status: TBD

Based on Terrie Chappell's book by the same name, ladies will learn that we live in a culture that caters to our choices. We like our options, and we enjoy the opportunity to choose our preferences. Popular psychology and human reasoning tell us to make choices based on what feels good. They encourage us, “just follow your heart.” God has given us a much better guide, however, in His Word. Unlike our fickle and untrustworthy opinions, God’s Word never changes. Its dependability has been proven through the centuries. Topics covered will include: Authenticity, Faith, Identity in Christ, Joy, Strength in Trials and Victorious, Spirit-filled Living. This class, designed especially for ladies, will encourage the student to pursue the best choices in life.


The ABC’s of FBT

Instructor: Pastor Gary Click

Status: Coming Soon

All churches are not the same. Every church and every denomination and even the so called “non-denominational” churches have core values, principles and beliefs that distinguish them. This class will define the core values and beliefs of the Fremont Baptist Temple while relying upon the Scriptures to explain why. Though it is not possible to cover everything we believe during a thirteen week class, the student will become familiar with what sets FBT apart and is essential to our foundation. New believers and prospective members will be introduced to the distinguishing characteristics of FBT, while long time members might be refreshed in those same principles. This class will be eye opening for those who may be accustomed to the ritualism of a more formal type of church and indispensable for those with no church background at all.