Adult Bible Study: God's Plan of the Ages


God's Dealing Through the Ages

Instructor: Dan Morell

Status: Meeting in Fellowship Hall

           Sunday Mornings 10 am

Perhaps you have heard terms such as the Church Age or the Age of Grace. Maybe you have heard a preacher explain that we are no longer under the law. What was he talking about? He was referencing the biblical principle of dispensational theology.  While God is the same throughout the ages and Jesus is the only source of salvation from Genesis to Revelation, we do discover different administrations of God’s plan for mankind over time. Just as parents deal differently with their child at the age of six than they do when he is sixteen, so God has dealt with mankind differently as we have progressed through the ages. These different ages are known as dispensations. This course will open the eyes of the student to God’s divine plan as it has been revealed to us throughout the ages. Upon completing this class the student will have a broader and more balanced understanding of the Scriptures.