Mr. Rick AshThe Ash Family

During the course of his first year at Fremont Baptist Temple, Bro. Ash has demonstrated valuable leadership in our ministry team. Although his primary role is to serve as the administrator of our Christian school, Temple Christian Academy, Rick also provides positive leadership in the church as well. He is a gifted leader and teaches the young adult Bible study (Ages 18-30) on Sunday mornings, shares in the song leading responsibilities and serves wherever needed. 

Along with his wife, Bethany and their three children Brynden, Thomas and Megan, Rick left Newport Beach, California to join our ministry in the summer of 2011. Their family was quickly and affectionately welcomed at FBT. Their sweet and kind disposition coupled with biblical wisdom and Christ-like compassion have earned them a place in the hearts of those they serve. 

Bro. Ash is a graduate of West Coast Baptist College and served faithfully in his home church and Christian school for several years before following God's direction to Fremont.