Pastor Gary Click

"In October of 2006, I was happy to accept the call to pastor the Fremont Baptist Temple. Soon we were packing the U-haul and saying a tearful goodbye to our good friends at Calvary Baptist Church in Clinton, Indiana. Our ministry there had been profitable. We had seen many souls come to Christ and watch God bless this small town church. Yet I know that God had another task awaiting us in Ohio. Thanksgiving dinner awaited us after our first service on the third week of November and we were thankful for the Lord's direction in our lives."

While attending Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan, Pastor Click met and married Nanette (Leach). They are the proud parents of four boys Nathaneil (8/28/1990), Zachary (9/02/1993), Garrison (10/26/2000) and Micah (6/11/2003). 2012 brought the graduation of Nate from West Coast Baptist College with a major in Bible and Missions and Zachary's graduation from high school. They boys all enjoy soccer. Nate and Zach also played high school basketball while Garrison and Micah are currently enjoying horseback riding. 

In over twenty years of ministry, Pastor Click has served in many aspects of ministry including youth ministry, bus ministry, writing, law enforcement chaplaincy, radio, Christian drama, Christian education and lobbying Congress on behalf of churches and Christian schools. He currently serves in an advisory capacity for Baptist International Outreach and the Carpenter's Project and serves on the board of the Buckeye Christian School Association. Pastor Click's sermons are broadcast twice a week on WHVT 90.5 FM (Clyde, Ohio) and available for download at www.light4living.org. 


Rick Ash

Along with his wife, Bethany and their four children Brendyn, Thomas, Megan, and Addilyn, Rick left Newport Beach, California to join our ministry in the summer of 2011. Their family was quickly and affectionately welcomed at FBT. Their sweet and kind disposition coupled with biblical wisdom and Christ-like compassion has earned them a place in the hearts of those they serve.

During the course of his time at Fremont Baptist Temple, Rick has demonstrated valuable leadership in all areas of ministry. Though his primary role is in providing leadership for Temple Christian Academy, he can also be found teaching a Bible study, leading in Sunday worship and filling in the gaps wherever needed. He has earned the confidence of those he serves and is a respected friend to many in our congregation.

A graduate of West Coast Baptist College, Rick served faithfully in his home church and Christian school for eleven years before following God's direction to Fremont. You will find he and Bethany to be a warm, compassionate couple eager to serve you here at Fremont Baptist Temple.


John Gahring

John Gahring plays a diverse and pivotal role in the ministry of Fremont Baptist Temple. His special brand of confidence tempered with humility has enabled him to win hearts and inspire others consistently since he joined our staff in 2009. John provides leadership in two areas of ministry within our church. As a talented musician, he has been entrusted with our churches music program and plays the piano for each of our services. His Bible training and passion for others equips him well to serve also as our outreach director.

In addition to his leadership positions in the church, John also teaches our fifth grade students at Temple Christian Academy. He also serves as the senior band director at TCA..

Originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania, John is a graduate of Penn State University and Hyles Anderson Christian College.


Chris Pethtel

No demographic can be more vital to the health of a church than the youth. A church that is not actively engaging young people is dead already whether they know it or not. Chris Pethtel has
been focused on meeting that need here at Fremont Baptist Temple since 2015.

A graduate of West Coast Baptist College, Chris is passionate about investing in young people, not just on Sunday mornings but all throughout the week. His wife, Jocelyn works with him, faithfully providing additional leadership and positive interaction with our teens. They are the parents of four darling girls: Bailey, Alivia, Kaylan, and Emmilyn.

Chris and Jocelyn also teach at Temple Christian Academy where he enjoys coaching the Warriors Soccer team.

While activities are important and abundant at FBT, the Pethtels also know the meaning of relationships. Young people are looking for more than entertainment, they want and need friends that are real. They are passionate about mentors who are genuine and down to earth. Teens value leaders who will add value to their lives through honesty and transparency. The Pethtel’s would enjoy engaging with you here at Fremont Baptist Temple.